This project was created as an entrant to a Masters' Scholarship Contest by Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano, Italy. On the briefing SPD would ask participants to be inspired by some wordly known personality, a 'hero', and create a product to make the world a better place.
My product should be related to Education, as I felt since the beginning. After some studies I came up with the idea of an Enciclopedia best suitable to new generations and their interests.

Then I decided to pick Gaius Julius Caesar as my famous figure, not only for his obvious relations to Italy but also for his role on World History and contemporary culture — as strategist, politician and general.

Visual Design

After a long period of planning content and structure I have sketched wireframes for both versions of the platform, Desktop and Mobile.

Searching for a unique and exclusive design I tried a lot to please myself. But I only got satisfied when decided to design a 'blank and mutant' UI, allowing the platform to become particular and constantly renewed. Then I worked considering combinations of colors, images and typography to be changed in regard to the content enriching the experience — despite my personal choices.