TSM Law Firm

Visual Identity

On this ongoing project my role was to redesign the Brand and Visual Identity to the Society of Lawyers TSM Tardioli, Silva e Moreau, with offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The briefing for this project was clear about some concerns of the stakeholders. They were in need of some conceptual enrichment on Graphic Design decisions to ensue and attest the exponential and fast growth of the company.

My challenge in projects like this is to heddle properly and creatively concepts and visuals — despite mentions on briefings - improving my capacity of synthesis and abstraction within aesthetics and design constraints.

Visual Design

Before initiating the logo I made a helpful visit to one of their offices and observed the work being done there.

After some studies I created a symbol that concisely presents the keystones of the Society in action together. On this synthetic element we discover not only the 3 founders of the union but also the most omnipresent factor of the Society: the books of law.

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