The briefing for this project required a redesign of an existing Tablet application (iOS native). It was expect from me not only UI improvements but also new UX and Interaction suggestions. The app should establish a personal network of health information and daily records between caretakers and doctors.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was to take in consideration the habitual user practice and keep some consistency with the previous version while evolving the experience of the users.

Visual Design

My kick-off action was to analyse videos of users using the app. Since then I had the conviction I would have to simplify interactions, reduce some journeys and hide all non-essential information from screens to better guide our users. I wanted to create pretty simple interfaces focusing main actions and hiding extra features on coming menus and steps.

With the timeline reel boarding detailed occurrences hour-per-hour I have found the concept to be followed. Then I decided to keep details of patients and allow the app to be customized and used by caretakers with more than one patient. And finally I solved the complex issue with entries of data issue splitting occurrence records on 3 steps: Patient Conditions, Activity and Details.