IULM Milano

Visual Identity

This project was created as an entrant to a Logo Design Contest. The briefing requested new logos and visual identity for the group of food facilities of Università di Comunicazione e Lingue (IULM), Milano, Italy.

As a frequent visitor I always understood the food facilities of the University as points of gathering and socialising, corners to celebrate the diversity and cultural abundance that cosmopolitan institutions such as IULM foster.

With that in mind I had the idea to design one solid unique symbol and customize it for each space: the coffee shop, the fast food/ snack bar and the restaurant — previously named Subway, Yum! and Foodie.

Visual Design

As each restaurant has proper features and food policies I have chosen colors to represent their spirits and vibes. Them combined them into a visual identity repeating the use of the icon created: an illustration of students (or cutlery) enjoying a pleasant dialog (meal).

To go with the emblematic icon and colors I have selected a proper typesetting taking in consideration the Design culture of North of Italy. The final design used all combinations to create a diverse, bright and young identity.