On this 'Sandbox' briefing I was asked to propose new ways to promote products of a well-know Brazilian Pharmaceutical Lab. My idea was to combine concepts, create something useful to help people, inform and finally sell drugs.

To reach that goal I have started by planning a mobile app — iOS native - to work as a digital Personal Med Cabinet, logging and managing drug stocks, praxis and routine of use.

After some research I based the application onto 3 branches: Medicine Stocking, Med Taking and Store.
The first section should provide control of personal medicine and allow users to replace products within few steps when needed. Med Taking, the second section, should register drugs in use and work with notifications and useful tips. It should provide relevant information from producers and make a connection with stockage. Finally the Store section should work as the marketplace for users to order lacking itens and to know featured products.

Visual Design

The UI Design took in consideration visual aspects from the company's identity but also expanded it. After designing the Med Inventory with the infinite cards on a vertical scroll concept I set this as the basis for the app identity and developed the other sections.