Using this project as an exercise I have created a platform to listen and explore OST music, a passion of mine. I started by sketching and planning the content to selected journeys. Then I worked on refining the User Experience to empower users to listen and discover new music, movies and series connected to its previous choices and preferences.

Another important aspect considered on Planning period was to make possible for users to gather and combine tracks into customised playlists.

On the next step I started with my choices starting by the name 'Kinorox' — a composition of the term 'Kino' (spelling of 'Cine' for languages such as German, Russian, Norwegian and Polish) and 'Rox' a neologism to 'Rocks'.

Visual Design

To created the Visual Identity I have explored the universe of Cinema specially considering movie posters — which pointed me to the use of Condensed Sans Serif typography combined to a basic color palette of Black-and-White.