The briefing for this project asked for a revival of an existing application combined to the addition of new features. The product — an iOS native app - should work as a hub of information becoming a cluster to connect and audit personal Health data and support users as a personal medical record card.

For the client it was primal that the UX and UI should convey a friendly experience — related more to concepts as 'Life' and 'Health' them to the seriousness aspect of Health apps available then.

Dozens of user flows and journeys were studied and proposed and the final application pleased the client a lot, hitting exactly the point they were expecting accordingly to their briefing. Unfortunately tough the app didn't make it to stores due to commercial issues.

Visual Design

To follow the concept and develop the Visual Identity for the app I have considered specially the given 'user-friendly' term.

After some important research I designed a system of expansible custom cards and empowered tem with a brigh typography set, living colors and illustrations to grant the UI the desired tone-of-voice.